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Translation of Beleg

der Beleg the proof    ; the evidence    ; the receipt    ; the voucher    

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Sample sentences:
Wir zeigten ihnen Belege für unsere Ausgaben, um uns für Zuschüsse zu bewerben.

We showed them evidence of our expenditures to apply for subsidies.
Ein unzufriedener Kunde kann nur dann die gekauften Güter zurückgeben, wenn er die ursprünglichen Belege aufbewahrt hat. An unhappy customer can return the purchased goods only if he kept the original receipt.
Beleg, Quittung receipt

Thanks a lot. Today and tomorrow are holidays in Switzerland, but I'll do it Tuesday first thing in the morning...please have a look at it and confirm. Where do you want me to place a reference?
We begin to think about the information that we receive and we might fabricate our own wrong perceptions about others unless we are willing to become more familiar with these topics by investigating further.
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