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Translation of Betriebsprüfung

die Betriebsprüfung the audit    

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Sample sentences:
Wir freuen uns auf die Ergebnisse der Betriebsprüfung, um besser über all unsere Guthaben und Außenstände Bescheid zu wissen.

We are looking forward to the results of the audit, in order to be clear about all our credits and debits.
Betriebsprüfung auditing

The poem hints that it will be a meal of brutality. We cannot understand this act of killing, the act of two little animals, we do not understand the 'why' of life and we do not see the power that steers all.
From that day on we shared dinner. In addition, I explained them, that the reasons for coming to Cuba was photography and the Spanish language, which I wanted to improve after studying for a year.
Do be honest, I like the page as well. My suggestion is to create a page similar to the current one, but without the advanced course and without the hard copy order option which is not our thing.
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Conjugation of audit   [ audited, audited ]