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Translation of Beurteilung

die Beurteilung the appreciation    ; the evaluation    ; the judgment    

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Anerkennung; Beurteilung; Aufwertung appreciation
Bewertung; Feststellung; Beurteilung assessment
Beurteilung; Bewertung; Auswertung appraisal
Beurteilung judgment; assessment; evaluation
Einschätzung; Beurteilung appraisement
Prüfung, Beurteilung assessment
Auswertung; Beurteilung evaluation
Bewertung; Beurteilung assessment
Beurteilung Evaluation; judgement
Ermessen; Beurteilung Judgement
Beurteilung assessment
Beurteilung appraisal

Not be able to perceive the real important things in the world and in life in general. First I want to explain my opinion by mentioning the superficial newscoverage that is currently happening here.
He has helped me to take a decision and although I carried my entire laguage with me I returned to El Panchan for the night. We returned there in the early evening and I was happy to find a room.
Usually I do not care too much about not getting change, but when you pay a 3 dollar ride with 50 dollars, you do actually expect change. We stood there for a while and neither of us knew what to do.
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