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Translation of Brauch

der Brauch the custom    

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Sample sentences:
Um das Kreuzworträtsel lösen zu können, brauch man Zeit und Fokus.

In order to solve the crossword, one needs time and focus.
Meiner Ansicht nach brauch der Krabbensalat viel mehr Würze und Geschmack. In my opinion the crab salad needs a lot more spice and flavor.
Brauch, Sitte; Abkommen, Abmachung convention
die Sitte; der Brauch the custom
die Sitte, der Brauch custom

I think that these news are a reflection of what people want to hear: The networks are presenting superficial stories because the audience is exactly that and do not want to be confronted with the reality.
Good to hear, where are you moving to? Finally NY, or to Vancouver? Lets you sleep at night... don't get too excited... that may change... Will you be working too? Or simply enjoying motherhood?
My wife and her started a nice conversation and the village girl did not believe that my wife was older than thirty years old. My wife considered herself as old, but the little girl explained her that she wasn't.
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