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Translation of Brombeere

die Brombeere the blackberry    ; the bramble    

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Sample sentences:
Brombeeren sind eine Delikatesse für einheimische Meisen und andere Wildvögel.

Blackberries are a delicacy for local tits and other wild birds.
Imans Merlot schmeckte nach dunkler Schokolade und Brombeeren. Iman's merlot tasted like dark chocolate and blackberries.
die Brombeere kupina
Brombeere blackberry

A lot of wars and pursuits, political conflicts and economic instability means that the existance of an easy life has never been granted for sure. The entire continent struggles currently with it.
I interpret this as follows: It reflects the calm life without any hectic atmosphere. The life that these two are looking for (like they did before) is far away: Far away, beyond the river.
Anyway, on our last day in Sapa, we hired a taxi driver, payed him twenty dollars and asked him to drive us around for a few hours. We had the Tram Ton pass in mind which separated two climate regions.
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