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Translation of Burgunder

der Burgunder the Burgundy    ; the burgundy    

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Sample sentences:
Zu seinem Steak trank er gerne einen guten Burgunder.

With his steak, he liked a good Burgundy.

I have been living in Holland for the last 14 years and I know the mentality very well. Holland is a small country, everybody knows everybody, so if we want to succeed, we must seize the opportunity.
Just last week a friend of mine showed me how to do these special effect, so I was focused about this word. I have been sleeping five hours a night for a week now and I am pretty tired all the time. Hopefully recovery will come soon.
I've lived a year with my wife in Argentina, and that is why my Ppanish is actually quite good, but that's not really enough... I wish you a beautiful day and a happy New Year.
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