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Translation of Busfahrer

der Busfahrer the bus driver

Translation by Vocabulix


der Busfahrer the bus driver(s)
Busfahrer (in) bus driver
Busfahrer(in) bus driver
Busfahrer/in bus driver

In total we have 55,500 potential words. I know that is crazy. But we sorted them by the amount they were asked for. Then the words that are really missing and towards the end just stupid spelling mistakes.
Everything's fine over here. The weather is a bit crazy, but otherwise everything is ok. I wrote this one based on what you gave me previously. This is a very common form of saying it in Spanish outside Argentina.
This is a fantastic idea, I am learning German just since last year. I speak, write and read well, and I will improve soon. This site, Vocabulix, I'm visiting often and I am mostly online.
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