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Translation of Croissant

das Croissant the croissant    

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Sample sentences:
Die französischen Croissants waren gleichzeitig luftig und klebrig.

The French croissants were fluffy and gooey at once.
Ich liebte die Croissants und die salzige Butter in der Bretagne. I loved the croissants and the salty butter in Brittany.

The ingredients of the poem which seem to be so bright because of the white are in fact the ingredients of a witches broth: In everything there is something bad, even in the goodness and shininess.
Indeed, these two are very stronlgy connected. The first is often led by a certain party or representative who represents the interest of the others. It gives them a feeling of togetherness and belonging.
You cannot be in this city without watching a football game. We therefore bought tickets two days ahead in order to see the soccer game between Bocca Juniors and Newell's Old Boys from Rosario.
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