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Translation of dabei

dabei at the same time; in the process; thereby    ; near by

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Sample sentences:
Das Stirnband wird dabei helfen, den langen Pony aus dem Gesicht zu halten.

The headband will help to keep that long fringe out of your face.
Die roten Würmer helfen uns dabei, guten Boden herzustellen. The red worms help us create good soil.
Michelle sah Paul, dem Zauberer dabei zu, wie er seine Kräfte ausübte. Michelle watched Paul the magician wield his powers.
dabei; dadurch; damit thereby
dabei sein to be at sth
obwohl, dabei though
dabei sein about to
mit dabei along
dabei with it

He also told me that he had build his scooter by himself. I could not understand how a doctor was able to build such a machine on his own. It seems that the circumstances made people capable of many things.
I even put on my Poncho, a plastic rain coat, in order to protect myself from the aircon-breeze. Somehow I managed to fall asleep and woke up at around six in the morning when we approach Palenque.
The second day we visited the bird and the fish market, some large shopping malls and dedicated the entire day with shopping clothes and strolling around. I found a nice jacket, which I am still wearing.
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