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der the    

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Sample sentences:
Dieses Polizeirevier war während der Nachtstunden unterbesetzt.

This precinct was understaffed during night hours.
Für manche Führungskräfte hat die Karriere Vorrang vor der Familie. For some executives career takes precedence over family.
Der Adler begann herabzustoßen, als er ein Beutetier entdeckte. The eagle started to pounce, when he discovered a prey animal.
der Behinderte, Behinderten; die Behinderte, Behinderten the disabled person(s)
der Schlittschuhläufer; der Skater; der Eiskunstläufer the skater(s)
jmd. zustimmen; übereinstimmen; der selben Meinung sein to agree with
der Strand, Strände; der Badestrand, Badestrände the beach(es)
der Kursteilnehmer; die Kursteilnehmerin course participant; student*
Spuren der Verwüstung signs of devastation; marks of devastation
der Pass, Pässe; der Reisepass, Reisepässe the Passport(s)
das Äußere; der Auftritt; das Äußere appearance
der Bäcker; die Bäckerin, Bäckerinnen the baker(s)

Writing autobiography in another language has some advantanges. You do not have to think to much about the story and you can concentrate on the foreign language. Spanish is very suitable for that.
I can send them by mail or bring them in person. I'll be happy to join the trial and help you. The download of the language files may take 30 seconds and the screen is blank during that time.
The Lagoon Explorer had only room for eight passengers and crew. We were really excited once we saw the boat, as it looked beautiful. There was a couple from D.C. which also booked the same boat.
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