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Translation of Droge

die Droge the drug    

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Sample sentences:
Der Fixer gab seine gesamte Erbschaft für Drogen aus.

The junkie spent his whole inheritance on drugs.
In der Hoffnung, Drogen zu finden, öffnete die Polizistin die Motorhaube. Hoping to find drugs, the policewoman opened the hood.
Die fragwürdigen Aktivitäten des Nachbarn hatten offensichtlich etwas mit Drogen zu tun. The neighbor's shady operations were obviously connected with drugs.

Not be able to perceive the real important things in the world and in life in general. First I want to explain my opinion by mentioning the superficial newscoverage that is currently happening here.
In my next message to you I want to write everything in German. Than I will rewrite it in English and we can compare the output. This way you see the text in your mother tongue and in a foreign language.
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Conjugation of drug   [ drugged, drugged ]