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Translation of dürfen

dürfen to be free to do sth.; to be allowed to; to be permitted to; may    

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Sample sentences:
Er bekam eine schriftliche Genehmigung, dass er die Choreographie benutzen durfte.

He obtained written permission to use the choreography.
Ich durfte den berühmten Archäologen früher interviewen als erwartet. I got to interview the famous archeologist earlier than expected.
Die Anhänger dieses seltsamen Kultes dürfen nur in Reimen sprechen. The followers of this strange cult are only allowed to speak in rhymes.
dürfen; können; mögen (Konjunktiv) may
du darfst nicht; sie dürfen nicht you must not
mögen,können,dürfen may, might
dürfen, gestattet sein to be allowed to
dürfen durfte gedurft to be allowed to
dürfen; es wagen dare; do dare
können, dürfen to can
darf/dürfen nicht must not
bringen dürfen may bring

I found the idea of having two health care systems disgusting. We entered the rooms of the local hospital and the images there were horrifying. I don't know why he took me there until this day.
When I finally arrived at my destination I still had the task of finding an accommodation. As my acquaintances where with me we started looking together, however we discovered that we were not on the same budget.
I visited the Hurricane watch center's website on a hourly basis hoping it would just go away, bt hurricane Ivan was on a direct path to Havana. It did not stop my vacation plans and I left the office.
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Conjugation of dürfen
darf  darfst  darf  dürfen  dürft  dürfen  durfte  durftest  durfte  durften  durftet  durften