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Translation of eigentlich

eigentlich  actually     

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Sample sentences:
Jesse übertrieb so sehr, dass die Situation viel dramatischer erschien als sie eigentlich war.

The way Jesse exaggerated made the situation appear a lot more dramatic than it was.
Es sah furchtbar aus, aber eigentlich war seine Tötung der Giftschlange mit der Klemme heldenhaft. It looked horrible but really, the way he killed the viper with a clamp was heroic.
Eidechsen erinnern viele Leute an Schlangen obwohl diese eigentlich ziemlich niedlich sind. Lizards remind some people of snakes, although they are actually fairly cute.

Last weekend some friends of mine and I took a trip to the North-West of Massachussets to see the leaves which have changed their colors. All over the world people talk about the autumn in Boston.
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We went to eat dinner at an Indian restaurant an my wife and I were afraid that it would turn our stomace upside down, just a day before we had to take the long train journey back to the capital.
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