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Translation of Eignung

die Eignung the aptitude    

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Eignung; Zumutbarkeit appropriateness
Angemessenheit; Eignung suitability
Eignung eligibility
eignung aptitude

One of the users claimed that the speed of the website on facebook was very slow. Did you experience the same issue? Yes, I've also noticed that the site is a little slow, but not so slow as to find it necessary to advise you.
Somehow, my email was not sent. There were even a few mistakes, but really only minor things, nothing really bad. I've already read some other texts that you have sent and are getting better each time.
Why did you sit on the box? You obviously did not know that there were presents inside. Now, seriously, do you have a backup plan? We must buy new gifts if we want to go to the party.?
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