German Dictionary

Translation of Eindringen

eindringen to intrude    
das Eindringen the intrusion    ; the penetration    

Translation by Vocabulix


eindringen; sich eindrängen to intrude
einmarschieren in; eindringen in to invade
Einfall; Eindringen incursions (into)
Eindringen; Störung intrusion
das Eindringen intrution

Let me know how we can proceed and how I could help you further. I am looking forward to share lessons and maybe meet you in person in Singapore one day. Kind regards to you and your wife.
He advised against traveling in this region at night as they were many violent robberies and one should return before dusk. He told me that he himself got robbed about two months earlier just here.
This province was only one mile away from China and one could see the border control. From there it was a bus ride up the hill, about an hour or so passed and we arrived at our final destination.
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