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Translation of einfrieren

einfrieren  to freeze     

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Sample sentences:
Der Soldat ließ sein Sperma einfrieren, bevor er in den Irak ging.

The soldier had his sperm frozen before he went to Iraq.

On the way, there were a lot of beautiful, colored trees. Having arrived in a tiny village called Harvard, we got out of the car and walked through the streets. We were very lucky and I will tell you why.
The letter and the date are fine. Let me know how many people are interested. I cannot promise that it will work. The size however is OK. It is worth a trial, maybe even the ones with Spanish words.
We woke up around one hour before arriving and got off the train once it arrived at its destination. We checked in for our last night in the same hotel very early in the morning after having coffee of course.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of einfrieren
friere ein  frierst ein  friert ein  frieren ein  friert ein  frieren ein  fror ein  frorst ein  fror ein  froren ein  frort ein  froren ein     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of freeze   [ froze, frozen ]