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Translation of einwerfen

einwerfen  to throw in     

Translation by Vocabulix


(ins Netz) stellen; (Brief) einwerfen (to) post
füttern,einwerfen feed
einwerfen to drop
einwerfen insert

Last weekend some friends of mine and I took a trip to the North-West of Massachussets to see the leaves which have changed their colors. All over the world people talk about the autumn in Boston.
I wrote you an email. Is this still your address? Please respond if so. Anything goes. I am with May tomorrow. I hope that is OK with you... You're checking out the new Ford, I heard. A great car.
We were Lao Cai around six o'clock but the train left only at eight. I was somehow relieved though that we had all the dangerous bus journeys behind us and that we left this lovely place soon.
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