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Translation of empfindlich

empfindlich sensitive    
empfindlich susceptible    

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Sample sentences:
Meine Zehen sind sehr empfindlich und daher muss ich sehr bequemes Schuhwerk tragen.

My toes are very sensitive, and therefore I have to wear very comfortable footwear.
empfindlich, einfühlsam; einfühlend sensitive
empfindlich (gegen) sensitive (to)
zart; weich; empfindlich to tender
sehr empfindlich highly sensitive
empfindlich, sensibel sensitive
empfindlich; zickig touchy

In this email I would like to tell you what occured to me in Italy during the summer vacation last year. So, I went to Italy for four days. First I stayed in Firenze, than I decided to go to Rome.
She found it very unromantic that a man would not declare friendship to a woman. Anyway, after an hour or so they got off at a town called Chetumal which was on the border with Belize, where they lived.
We felt a little awkward to be the only people in the restaurant and felt a little uncomfortable having taken with us another couple. In addition the Uruguayan cook and owner was drunk, but the food was excellent.
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