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Translation of entzünden

entzünden to ignite    ; to inflame    

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Sample sentences:
Es war Eiter in dem entzündeten Backenzahn.

There was pus in the inflamed molar.
Die Fleischwunde an seinem Arm entzündete sich auf seiner Wanderung durch den Dschungel. The laceration on his arm got infected during his hike through the jungle.
entzünden to spark
entzünden to fire

A bystander who watched the entire scene all the time decided to help me. He was an older man, around seventy, but nonetheless he went to the oldest of these kids and slapped him. The boy was sixteen.
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He was hysterical, he got married two weeks earlier and already has lost his first wedding ring. How embarrassing is that? In addition, everybody on the ship heard it so that it was even more embarrassing.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of entzünden
entzünde  entzündest  entzündet  entzünden  entzündet  entzünden  entzündete  entzündetest  entzündete  entzündeten  entzündetet  entzündeten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of ignite   [ ignited, ignited ]
Conjugation of inflame   [ inflamed, inflamed ]