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Translation of etliche

etliche several    

Translation by Vocabulix


einige; mehrere; etliche several
einige; ein paar; etliche a few
etliche; eigene several
einige, etliche several
etliche a number of

I have studied French for many hours per week, and I've even lived in Geneva for a while... my French was good than. Today, I have forgotten most of it. I have to re-learn and Vocabulix can help.
I've been working on and off on the dictionary during the entire week, and I'll spend some more hours on it this coming weekend. Sometimes he would get a bit mixed up and use formal Castilian sometimes instead of informal.
How are you? I want to meet you when you are in Austria? At the weekend I took the train home, and tomorrow I'm going back again to Karlsruhe in the south of our country. It is near Freiburg.
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