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Translation of eure

eure your    ; yours    

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Schließt eure Bücher! Shut your books!
dein, deine; ihr, ihre; euer, eure your
deine(r,s); ihre(e); eure(r,s) yours
eure Würstchen your sausages
eure Bären your bears; bears
Beugt eure Kniee. Bend your knees.
deine; euer/eure; ihr(e) your
dein; euer/eure; Ihr(e) your
dein,deine,eure,euer your
deine-eure-ihre yours
eure Erbsen your peas

As promised in our short conversation here a quick introduction about the entire process. We had great success in Richard Young's restaurant. I will call you on Monday. Meanwhile, happy new year!
How could I get better in Spanish if I had to eat by myself. Impossible. The next days we always ate together and sat around the table for hours discussing politics and the lives we were living.
I got to the southern tip of the island and visited the light house. I also remember to have visited some turtles or crocodiles nearby. I was not the only one who drove around the island by motorcycle.
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