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Translation of Expedition

die Expedition the expedition    

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Sample sentences:
Während dieser Expedition begegneten wir vielen wunderlich aussehenden Tieren.

During this expedition we encountered many bizarre-looking animals.
Forschungsreise; Expedition expedition
Expedition expedition

After reexamining the detailed construction of the architecture, Voca People came to the conclusion that the software in today's configuration is not capable to handle massive downloads during day time.
After that I expect that you do the same. Write me a text in English and the same translated to Spanish. This way we will learn all directions. We will be able to compare the texts and learn.
We walked by waterfalls and rivers, but the water was too cold to swimm in. The hike made us tired and we were in the valley, which meant that we had to climb up again. The climb was difficult.
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