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Translation of Fachhochschule in German-English

die Fachhochschule the polytechnic    ; the university of applied sciences

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I ran across the bridge to reach the other terminal and asked at the check in counter which connecting flights were still available. I wanted to avoid having to drive into the city at any cost.
And in the end you still have not learned what you have wanted. I browse in online stores all day and come back empty-handed, or with items that I do not really need. Learn and think about it.
Have you ever done something like that in Spanish? I also think that we should see each other when you're close, I can help you with Spanish, and you can do the same for me in English. Do we have a deal?
Most common translations: Dschungel    Briefmarke    Bauchnabel    Anrede    zwischen    voll    studieren    schreien    niedlich    korrekt