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Translation of fasziniert in German-English

fasziniert fascinated    

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Sample sentences:
Asien hat mich schon immer fasziniert, besonders Japan.

Asia has always fascinated me, especially Japan.

I would like to know if Jack is interested to join us as well. Shared learning is called Tandem. I'm coming in 2 days to Spain. I will pay for the study costs of my daughter, and I assume all other costs as well.
The institute has conducted the tests successfully and submitted the reports. It also what Peter has mentioned. It could take a few months until the publication. Please wait patiently.
Why did you sit on the box? You obviously did not know that there were presents inside. Now, seriously, do you have a backup plan? We must buy new gifts if we want to go to the party.?
Most common translations: erweisen    erheblich    entkalken    einundzwanzig    eingelegt    durchwegs    donnernd    dekorativ    bundesstaatlich    bitte