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Translation of Feierabend in German-English

der Feierabend the quitting time; the finishing time; the closing time

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Feierabend machen get off work

We drove towards the university where he studied and from there we drove to the hospital where he worked. He told me that there were hospitals for locals and for foreigners with different medical equipment and staff.
Sounds great. Sorry, it took me a while to get back to you. Did you book the Helmhaus (which Monica suggested) or the Seidenhof (which I gave her in the end)? Will make sure, they give you good rooms...
The city was incredibly vivid and we were impressed by its size. We walked a lot through all the different neighborhoods, starting with Recoleta, an upper class neighborhood with its famous cemetery.
Most common translations: Einrichtung    Büffel    Bernstein    Arbeitszimmer    überprüfen    weiter    typisch    sich    perfekt    letzte