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Translation of Feiertag in German-English

der Feiertag  the public holiday     
der Feiertag the holiday    

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öffentlicher Feiertag Bank Holiday
gesetzlicher Feiertag public holidays
gesetzl. Feiertag legal holiday
Feiertag; Wochenende holiday
ein Feiertag a holiday

Design is a poem in which Robert Frost tries to confront us with the questions of life and nature. The topic is not only about nature but also about the human being and his capability to recognize.
There were mountains. The heat of the day stand for the atmosphere between the man and the woman. They are waiting for the train from Barcelona to Madrid at a station between the two cities.
I got to the southern tip of the island and visited the light house. I also remember to have visited some turtles or crocodiles nearby. I was not the only one who drove around the island by motorcycle.
Most common translations: Einschreiben    Bügeleisen    Beruf    Architekt    überraschen    weiterhin    täglich    sich anmelden    persisch    liebenswert