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Translation of feilen in German-English

feilen to file    
das Feilen the filing    

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Feile; feilen file

I have the OK. They will make the changes and resend the homework tasks. I think that beginning of July would be a good date to start learning. What do you think? We should not wait too long.
The vehicle turned west towards the countryside and drove on Route MEX186 towards Escargera and then southwards. I fell asleep soon and had a very bad sleep, as it was colder than I had imagined.
I liked the vocabulary builder, which is actually a complementary product to our online vocabulary builder. A lot of people ask me about whether Vocabulix is available for download, and at this time it is not.
Most common translations: esoterisch    erleichtert    entschlussfreudig    einhundertvier    düster    dreihundert    deplatziert    charismatisch    blinde Passagier   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of feilen
feile  feilst  feilt  feilen  feilt  feilen  feilte  feiltest  feilte  feilten  feiltet  feilten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of file   [ filed, filed ]