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Translation of Feinkostgeschäft in German-English

das Feinkostgeschäft the deli    

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Sample sentences:
Ich liebe die italienische Salami in unserem Feinkostgeschäft!

I love the Italian salami at our deli!

Hi, I'm back from my vacation. It gives me pleasure to learn Spanish, because I can feel the improvement continously. I studied medicine in the University of Montpellier, a student city in France.
He was educated as Roman Catholic, converted to Evangelism after he married her and he raised his son and daughters by the Muslim faith. They develop skills, make you get used to it, and when you are into it, whoosh, they disappear at once.
Do not worry, please, all is well here. I find it fascinating how fast you can write texts in foreign languages. I know how hard it is, and I congratulate you. Waiting to your next email.
Most common translations: Fallbeil    Euro    Erniedrigung    Entsetzen    Elle    Einstand    Eid    Duo    Donnervogel    Dienst