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Translation of Feststellung in German-English

die Feststellung the observation    

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Bewertung; Feststellung; Beurteilung assessment
Aussage, Feststellung statement
Feststellung finding

I arrived there but could not find a hotel immediately, so that I took my luggage with me. I know that this is very provocative to thiefs. One should not walk on the street with a big backpack.
From that day on we shared dinner. In addition, I explained them, that the reasons for coming to Cuba was photography and the Spanish language, which I wanted to improve after studying for a year.
Swimming in the open water was refreshing and fun and some of us jumped of the roof of the boat into the deep waters. After another snack break the four of us were invited for a Kayak excursion.
Most common translations: Fee    Fahrleistung    Essenz    Erhebung    Entführer    Elchtest    Einkommen    Egalitarismus    Druck    Dogge