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Translation of Ficker in German-English

der Ficker the fucker [vulg]

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We drove towards the university where he studied and from there we drove to the hospital where he worked. He told me that there were hospitals for locals and for foreigners with different medical equipment and staff.
Do you need a company that makes a complete Due Diligence or only the Technical claims and IP Due Diligence? I can give you the reference of a prominent law firm in the field of patents and copyrights.
After a short guided tour we came back to pick up our luggage and left to the airport. When the airplane took off it was already dark outside. We were surprised about the airline's good condition and service.
Most common translations: Feldwebel    Falltür    Evolution    Erosion    Entwicklung    Emaille    Eintrag    Eierstock    Durchfall    Doppelhaushälfte