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Translation of Flegel in German-English

der Flegel the flail    ; the lout    

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What steered the little fly to the plant? Naturally, we do not know the answer. The human being cannot understand nature because he is part of it, he is inside it. Therefore he cannot judge objectively.
Moreover, even if we know a lot about a certain culture, we will never be able to understand it in the same way and with the same depth as they do, since we have a very different point of view.
After a short guided tour we came back to pick up our luggage and left to the airport. When the airplane took off it was already dark outside. We were surprised about the airline's good condition and service.
Most common translations: Feuchtgebiet    Fehltritt    Fahrt    Etablierung    Erkältung    Entlassungsort    Elektron    Einrichten    Ehepartner    Dschungel