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Translation of Fluse in German-English

die Fluse the lint    

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Sample sentences:
Mein alter Mantel war voller Flusen, und so gab ich ihn schließlich weg.

My old coat was full of lint, so I finally gave it away.

There are several different TV programs in the hotel room and depending on the country of origin they broadcast in different languages. I believe European TV programs are much longer and have less advertisement than those from North America.
Yes, my Spanish is much better than your German, but it is not true that I do not want to learn with you. I think this is not an issue. Where do you come from in the U.S.? East or West coast?
The best would be if we meet on the corner of Lafayette and Spring street. This is pretty much at the end of the road. There, on the left side, is a large parking lot where you can place the car.
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