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Translation of Fotografie in German-English

die Fotografie  the photography     

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Sample sentences:
Für die erfolgreiche Fotografie braucht man Leidenschaft und nicht nur eine Kamera.

Passion is needed for successful photography, not only a camera.
Seine Fotografien trugen stark dazu bei, den Inhalt des Artikels zu vermitteln. His photographs contributed greatly to conveying the article's message.
Eine Fotografie ist eine fotografische Abbildung. A photograph is a photographic image.

The ingredients of the poem which seem to be so bright because of the white are in fact the ingredients of a witches broth: In everything there is something bad, even in the goodness and shininess.
In addition, after the tests I would like to give also a presentation to some of the teachers, as usually the different ideas come with the presentation. After speaking with them, some ideas emerge...
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