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Translation of Führungskraft in German-English

die Führungskraft the executive manager

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Führungskraft a born leader

One of the users claimed that the speed of the website on facebook was very slow. Did you experience the same issue? Yes, I've also noticed that the site is a little slow, but not so slow as to find it necessary to advise you.
A ten year old kid should not be on Facebook. I would not be too concerned about your boys, because with facebook they can see who is approaching them, that means they can see the profile and social structure of their friends.
Every day I watch TV about the sports news while I am cooking. In the news, there is always something sports. I love not only watching but also playing myself. We have a team of ten people.
Most common translations: Frostbeule    Fossil    Fleiß    Feuerwehrauto    Feindin    Fakultät    Etui    Ermutigung    Entschlossenheit    Elfmeter