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Translation of Gala

die Gala the gala    

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Sample sentences:
Die Marineoffiziere wurden zu einer großen Gala eingeladen.

The naval officers were invited to a large gala.
Die Gala stellte unter anderem die neuen Kollektionen von Anna Sui und Kenzo vor. The gala flaunted the new collections of Anna Sui and Kenzo among others.

There are several different TV programs in the hotel room and depending on the country of origin they broadcast in different languages. I believe European TV programs are much longer and have less advertisement than those from North America.
On the frozen lake, you can skate, but I would never dare it because it is far too dangerous. Who knows how thick the ice really is and how accurate the measurements are. It can break.
Should I call him in August? Will he know who I am? I hope that we will return to Italy in October, then we may take a coffee or a beer together, or we can even go to eat something small.
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