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Translation of Gateway

das Gateway the gateway    

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If I see that the case study does not progress as I wish, I will summarize the data myself and let the University sign it. Of course, you will receive the study immediately. All the best meanwhile.
The fact that James is active in many industries in Colorado, does not mean that the same must apply abroad, let's say in Spain. This fact complicates the ability to learn English in everyday life.
Do you like Hamburg? I've never been there. Maybe I can visit it one day. I hope to hear from you and please write me in German, so that you will also learn it. Do not worry about mistakes.
Most common translations: Föhre    Frisur    Forst    Fleisch    Feudalismus    Fehlzündung    Fahrvergnügen    Etage    Erlaubnis    Entlaubung