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Translation of Gedicht

das Gedicht  the poem     

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Sample sentences:
Die Brokkolicremesuppe meiner Freundin ist ein Gedicht.

My girlfriend's broccoli cream soup is divine.
Er eroberte ihr Herz mit seinem Gedicht über ihre Wimpern. He conquered her heart with his poem about her eyelashes.
Sie fand das Gedicht, dass er ihr geschrieben hatte schön, aber irgendwie seltsam. She thought the poem he had written for her was sweet but someway odd.
Die Geschichte handelt von; Theaterstück(1); Gedicht the story deals with; play; poem

One of my favorite seasons is the winter, the time in which everything is white and bright. But even though I like this time of the year a part of me detests it because of it may drawbacks.
They are actually lovely hills and do not look threatening at all. That shows us that she actually loves her pregnancy and does not know what to do about it. One can really pitty this woman.
On the second day we visited the Perito Moreno glacier by foot. It is one of the most beautiful glacier in South America and certainly the most visited, as it can be reached easily by car.
Most common translations: Fernweh    Elfe    Cousin    Betrag    Aufklärung    Abschied    wiederholen    unsichtbar    sich verabreden    regnen