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Translation of Gefangenschaft

die Gefangenschaft the imprisonment    
die Gefangenschaft the confinement    

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Sample sentences:
Gefangenschaft motiviert viele Menschen dazu, sich weiterzubilden.

Confinement motivates many people to educate themselves.
Gefangenschaft; Haft imprisonment
in Gefangenschaft in captivity

Last year, many parties did not receive votes anymore and had to go to the opposition. The entire area is governed today by leftist parties and the center block is weakenng constantly during the last year.
That is how he forces her into deciding between him and the baby. There is no escape from this dilema. The train that was supposed to arrive did not come yet and it does not look like it will come.
I found a pair of Nike shoes for a bargain and I do not know until this day why those shoes were so cheap. I am sure that they are not fake, as they are great quality. My wife also bought a pair.
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