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Translation of Geheimcode

der Geheimcode the secret code

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Two weeks ago I met a girl from Indiana and she told me that she was really sorry but that she would have no knowledge about Europe, Africa or Asia and that it was only due to lack of information on TV.
But his intensions are clear. By saying: 'I do not want anybody but you, I don't want anyone else...' he actually refers also to the unborn child. He is putting her into a sad dilema. She refuses.
After the bar we sailed back with the ferry to the other side, the side of the financial district, because there were some Halloween parties in the different bars at the Lan Kwai Fong street.
Most common translations: Gatte    Förderband    Frisör    Forstwirtschaft    Fleischbeschau    Feuer    Feier    Fahrzeit    Etappe    Erle