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Translation of geistreich

geistreich witty    

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genial; geistreich; erfinderisch ingenious
geistreich sein; witzig sein to be witty
geistreich quick witted, brilliant
geistreich, witzig witty
witzig, geistreich witty

In the beginning it looked brutal but it worked. He brought my wallet back to me and asked me to count the bills in it. I was stunned and could not believe what just happened. He repeated his order.
She even compares the hills across the station with the belly of a pregnant woman by saying that they do look like white elephants. Maybe she thinks that way but I am not really sure about that.
On the way we met a nice village girl which tried to sell us some souvenirs. We told her that we would not buy from her. Her English was excellent, and we did not believe that she was twelve years old.
Most common translations: führen    fortgehen    fertig    etwaig    ermüden    entspannend    elektrisiert    einklinken    egoistisch    dreiundsechzig