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Translation of Genehmigung

die Genehmigung the permit    
die Genehmigung the approval    ; the licence    

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Sample sentences:
Er bekam eine schriftliche Genehmigung, dass er die Choreographie benutzen durfte.

He obtained written permission to use the choreography.
Die Firmenführung hatte eine Genehmigung dafür gefordert, das neue System einzuführen. The company leadership had demanded clearance for implementing the new system.
Genehmigung; Zustimmung assent; consent; approval
Erlaubnis; Genehmigung permission
Billigung; Genehmigung approval

Last year, many parties did not receive votes anymore and had to go to the opposition. The entire area is governed today by leftist parties and the center block is weakenng constantly during the last year.
These are the guys who need to be blames. They are primitive, ignorant, selfish and they appear to me as thought they are confined in their ideas. They cannot think outside the box for even once.
I boarded the AA flight to Cancun, and got there around two o'clock. It was my first time in Mexico. On the same night I had a flight booked to Havana, but I did not know whether I should take it.
Most common translations: Gegenstand    Gastarbeiter    Fähigkeit    Frikassee    Forelle    Flaschenhals    Festungsgraben    Fehlbesetzung    Fahrrad    Essiggurke   

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