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Translation of geraten

geraten advisable    ; guessed    ; to turn out; to get    

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Sample sentences:
Damit die Geschichte nicht in Vergessenheit geriet, schrieb King sie auf.

In order not to let the story fall into oblivion, King wrote it down.
nach jdm geraten; jdm ähneln take after
unter Druck geraten to come under pressure
in Panik geraten (to) panic
geraten to fall/get into
Geraten Devices
Geraten Run

In the beginning it looked brutal but it worked. He brought my wallet back to me and asked me to count the bills in it. I was stunned and could not believe what just happened. He repeated his order.
Wars and struggles are always or mostly based on ignorance, fears and disrespect of the enemies. Unfortunately, the kind of hate which roots in previous wars never stops. Let me be clearer, please.
In the evening we drove up to the Victoria peak and hiked on the trails around the main view point. The view in the late afternoon was spectacular and after sunset, with all the lights it was breathtaking.
Most common translations: geformt    frustrieren    fließen    fast    erwartungsvoll    erhalten    entjungfern    einundsiebzig    eingehend    durchtrieben   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of geraten
[bin geraten]
gerate  gerätst  gerät  geraten  geratet  geraten  geriet  gerietest  geriet  gerieten  gerietet  gerieten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of get   [ got, got ]