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Translation of Geschirrspüler

der Geschirrspüler the dishwasher    

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Sample sentences:
In diesem Restaurant, wenn Du die Rechnung nicht bezahlen kannst musst Du das Geschirr selber spülen, ohne Geschirrspüler.

At this restaurant if you do not pay the check you need to clean the dishes yourself without any dishwasher.

Two weeks ago I met a girl from Indiana and she told me that she was really sorry but that she would have no knowledge about Europe, Africa or Asia and that it was only due to lack of information on TV.
Entire communities are blamed for a crime committed by one of its members. Wrong ideas could quickly be spread to other villages and there could be acts of revenge resulting in further mistrust.
I had imagined my first dinner to be a little different, but I was already here and wanted to make the best out of it. So i ate there and return to my hostel at around ten o'clock at night.
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