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Translation of Graupelschauer

der Graupelschauer the sleet    

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I have considered the option to bring my friends from other social networks and invite them to join here. They can develop better language skills here. I'd love to pursue that goal, but I want to write in English.
I think that it is easy to find new students, as many of them have already visited schools in Switzerland or Germany, but most of them have been to Berlin. Spanish learning is less common these days.
I really would like to invest more time here but until now I was too busy to keep my promises. Maybe I should take a vacation and go back to Scotland and take another language course there.
Most common translations: Gleitkomma    Gestank    Gepäckausgabe    Geisterschiff    Gebot    Fütterer    Früchte    Frack    Flocke    Fieberkurve