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Translation of Grundnahrungsmittel

das Grundnahrungsmittel the staple food; the staple    

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Sample sentences:
Die Tarotwurzel ist für Hawaiianer ein wichtiges Grundnahrungsmittel.

The tarot root is an important staple food for the Hawaiians.

Not be able to perceive the real important things in the world and in life in general. First I want to explain my opinion by mentioning the superficial newscoverage that is currently happening here.
Wow, great pictures. You are very beautiful and your husband looks very simpatico! The dog looks like Jojo. I will send you also more pictures from Baltimore, so you can imagine how our life looks here.
At around eight in the evening we were back, took a hot shower and met our friends for a fancy dinner. They were leaving the country the next day and we would stay there another three days.
Most common translations: Gorilla    Giftmüll    Geschmack    Gemisch    Gefängnisstrafe    Gartenzaun    Fußgängerunterführung    Freundschaft    Flüchtling    Fladen   

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Conjugation of staple   [ stapled, stapled ]