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Translation of Grundriss

der Grundriss the layout    ; the outline    ; the plot    

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Sample sentences:
Der Grundriss der Wohnung war genau wie ich es mir vorgestellt hatte.

The layout of the apartment was exactly how I had imagined it.
Grundriss layout; floor plan

I have considered the option to bring my friends from other social networks and invite them to join here. They can develop better language skills here. I'd love to pursue that goal, but I want to write in English.
In order to quickly become successful, one would have to change certain points, at least in my opinion: After 5 months of learning, I have still not found the grammar practice on which I should concentrate.
I have made an internship at a law office, but just for two months. Their salary is really bad. Now to my promise to correct your long message. You need to say: 'On Friday' not 'At Friday'.
Most common translations: Gosse    Giftschlange    Geschoss    Gemse    Gefäß    Gartenzwerg    Fußgängerweg    Freundschaftsspiel    Flügel    Flageolett   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of outline   [ outlined, outlined ]
Conjugation of plot   [ plotted, plotted ]