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der Grunzer the grunt    

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Grunzer grunt

Some of the disadvantages are the coldness, darkness and the fact that the days are a lot shorter then as in the summer. First let me tell you what I do not like about the winter. It is the following.
Completely different education and lifestyle make us incapable of putting ourselves into their situation. Sometimes we regard certain acts or certain laws as barbaric while we ignore the surroundings.
The American (his name was Jeffrey) meant that this is the hour where usually the price of goods went down as the sellers were under pressure and did not want to return with the product.
Most common translations: Gottheit    Gipfel    Geschworenen    Gen    Gegenmittel    Gaspedal    Fußstapfen    Friedrich    Fonds    Flammenwerfer   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of grunt   [ grunted, grunted ]