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Translation of Haarfarbe

die Haarfarbe the hair color

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Haarfarbe hair colour

Writing autobiography in another language has some advantanges. You do not have to think to much about the story and you can concentrate on the foreign language. Spanish is very suitable for that.
He has helped me to take a decision and although I carried my entire laguage with me I returned to El Panchan for the night. We returned there in the early evening and I was happy to find a room.
We paid for the taxi and waited thirty minutes for the driver to arrive. Again, Argentina reminded me of Italy. We drove into town and were looking for a place. The town made a great first impression.
Most common translations: Grippe    Glückskeks    Gewerkschaft    Geruch    Geldbeutel    Gebüsch    Galosche    Funkfeuer    Freibad    Flugmaschine