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Translation of hacken

hacken to hack    

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Sample sentences:
Nachdem er Holz gehackt hatte, machte er eine Pause und aß ein Käsebrot.

After chopping wood he took a breather and ate a cheese sandwich.
Hans nahm seine Axt und hackte Holz für das Feuer. Hans took his ax and chopped wood for the fire.
hacken to chop (chopped, chopped)
klein schneiden, hacken to chop
hacken to mince

I have the OK. They will make the changes and resend the homework tasks. I think that beginning of July would be a good date to start learning. What do you think? We should not wait too long.
I even put on my Poncho, a plastic rain coat, in order to protect myself from the aircon-breeze. Somehow I managed to fall asleep and woke up at around six in the morning when we approach Palenque.
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Most common translations: gleich    gereizt    gefährdet    früher    flockig    faul    erwerben    erholen    entkorken    einwandern   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of hacken
hacke  hackst  hackt  hacken  hackt  hacken  hackte  hacktest  hackte  hackten  hacktet  hackten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of hack   [ hacked, hacked ]