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Translation of halten

halten  to grasp     
halten to hold    ; to stop    ; to halt    ; to keep    ; to maintain    

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Sample sentences:
Der Schrank muss immer geschlossen sein , um die Tiere fern zu halten.

The cupboard needs to be closed at all times, in order to keep the animals away.
Das Stirnband wird dabei helfen, den langen Pony aus dem Gesicht zu halten. The headband will help to keep that long fringe out of your face.
Der Rettungsschwimmer hält seinen Haarschnitt so kurz wie möglich. The lifeguard is keeping his haircut as short as possible.
betrachten; betrachten (als); halten (für) to regard as(1); to regard as(1); to regard as(1)
eine Rede halten; eine Ansprache halten to deliver a speech; to deliver an address
Augenkontakt halten to keep eye contact; to maintain eye contact
beibehalten; instand halten; unterhalten maintain
(be)halten; aufbewahren; behielt keep; kept; kept
für illusorisch halten to consider illusory
aufbewahren, halten to keep, kept, kept; (ki:p)
einen Vortrag halten to give a presentation
erwägen, halten für to consider

The earlier you go to the top of the mountains the fewer people are on the slopes. I love the sound of the ski-lifts and seeing the villages disappear in the distance while I move up to the mountains.
She even compares the hills across the station with the belly of a pregnant woman by saying that they do look like white elephants. Maybe she thinks that way but I am not really sure about that.
We paid for the taxi and waited thirty minutes for the driver to arrive. Again, Argentina reminded me of Italy. We drove into town and were looking for a place. The town made a great first impression.
Most common translations: feiern    dreißig    beschäftigt    anfangen    Wäsche    Viertel    Training    Strom    Solarium    Schnee   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of halten
halte  hältst  hält  halten  haltet  halten  hielt  hieltest  hielt  hielten  hieltet  hielten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of grasp   [ grasped, grasped ]
Conjugation of halt   [ halted, halted ]
Conjugation of hold   [ held, held ]
Conjugation of keep   [ kept, kept ]
Conjugation of maintain   [ maintained, maintained ]
Conjugation of stop   [ stopped, stopped ]